The website is set up to display prices only for people with the right Login. You will find the identifier in the email you received, or else, you can contact us on to receive the Login details.

Login in:

1 - Click on "Sign in" on the Top-Right of the website

2 - In the "Already Registered" area, enter the email and password that we communicated you by email

3 - click "Sign In". You access the My Account page. You are now connected. Click on any category, the prices will be displayed.


For European countries, including UK & Switzerland:

First order = Free delivery

Above 300 per order, deliveries are not charged.

Below 300€ per order, deliveries are 12€


We are happy to send you free samples of our teas. Thank you to write us on to request the samples you require.

Payment & Credit Terms

We require a payment of the invoice in full before the order is expedited. Credit terms can be agreed after 3 consecutive orders.

Payments have to be made by Bank Transfer to:

SAS de la Vallee

IBAN FR76 1027 8361 8400 0133 6470 191