SAS de la Vallée

SAS de la Vallée is specialised since 2013 in the importation in Europe of high quality teas and handmade ceramics.

Our teas are carefully selected from 4 different origins

  • Northern Thailand
  • Japan
  • Central Sri Lanka
  • Southern Laos

Organic Certifications

SAS de la Vallée is an Organic Certified Operator. All the teas advertised as "Certified Organic" have been imported, for every lot, along with an official Organic Traceability Certificate known as COI (Certificate of Organic Identification) approved by independent Certifications Body (CB), such as our CB Ecocert, and verified by the French Health Security administration known as DGCCRF. Here below is our official up to date Organic Certification that could ask to be seen by Health Security services of your country in case of a control.


All our teas & ceramics are stored in our warehouse located in Nantes, France. It's an ideal place for storage with very good insulation, fresh in summers and mild in winters. All teas are packed in sealed foil bags per 1kg generally and vacuumed when the shape of the leaves permits it.

We have a special set up for the Japanese teas that are kept at all times in a large fridge shelf at 4 degrees celsius at all times