TJ09 - Matcha Ceremonial Okumidori Certified Organic

Origin: Japan, Tencha from Kagoshima, Kirishima, and ground in Kakegawa (Shizuoka)

Description: This Organic Certified Matcha is produced from Tencha of Kirishima, in the south province of Kagoshima, this area is extremely propitious to the production of high quality Tencha thanks to its volcanic soil, fresh air at nights and tropical weather. the tencha is then ground in Kakegawa, Shizuoka province, with state of the art machines capable of producing extra-thin matcha of 10-11 microns particles.

The Okumidori cultivar used to produce this Matcha creates Tencha with vibrant emerald colour and sweet umami taste.

Stored in cold room 4 degrees in France.

Price per 30g metal "ring pull-up" tin .

Certified BIO by FR-BIO-01


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